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Flexibility. Breadth.  Experience.

Online Creative Writing Courses

Our creative writing courses are very flexible to allow you to work at your own pace. They are similar to independent study courses you might take at a college or university.

Materials will be sent to you as email attachments and will include the following: instructions, reading lists, and exercises. After completing a unit, email it back to us for evaluation and additional instruction.

Although your work is evaluated along the way, you will receive a free extensive manuscript evaluation on your final project. In addition, we will supply you with a list of potential publishers for each of your works.

The Basic Elements of Fiction

Learn about plot, theme, setting, character development, etc. -- all of the techniques of fiction writing -- through exercises and reading assignments. Then, practice what you've learned by writing a short novel.

Short Story Writing

First, learn the basic elements of fiction. Next, develop your skills by reading and analyzing the works of some of the masters of short fiction. Finally, write your own short story.

Poetic Techniques

Begin with an overview of poetic devices -- including symbolism, imagery, metaphor, etc. Then, read and analyze different types of poetry -- from haiku to long epic poems -- while composing your own versions of each.

Screenplay Writing

Screenplays call for a particular writing style. Learn how to incorporate stage direction, and how to write believable dialogue. Then, put it all of the elements together in proper format.

Any creative writing course you choose is $975.00 (USD), payable in three to six monthly installments.

To order an online writing course, contact us at hszott@hawkeyeediting.com.

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