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Resume/Curriculum Vitae Assistance

Need a job, but are having trouble selling yourself? Allow us to create your resume and turn your weaknesses into strengths!

We've been teaching others how to write top-notch resumes and curriculum vitae for years in the Business Writing classes we teach. We've researched what works and what doesn't. More importantly, our students and clients have been extremely successful in securing positions using the resumes we've helped them to design and compose.

We can help you get the job you want by preparing a winning resume or curriculum vitae packet for you. Simply send us the information you want us to include, and we will compose a professional quality resume or curriculum vitae for you. For more information on the information we require for this service, see Providing Your Credentials.

We will select the style of resume or curriculum vitae that best suits your particular field, qualifications, and experience. However, you may request additional styles.

We can also prepare a cover letter, marketing letter and follow-up letter to go with your resume.


Resume: $75.00
Resume Cover Letter: $35.00
Combination Package: $95.00
Curriculum Vitae: $95.00
Curriculum Vitae Cover Letter: $45.00
Combination Package: $125.00
Marketing/Information Letter: $55.00
Follow-up Letter: $55.00
4-part Resume Combination Packet: $195.00
4-part Curriculum Vitae Combination Packet: $225.00
Alternate Styles: $35.00/style

Estimated Timelines

Once we receive your information, it typically takes 48 to 72 hours to complete your resume or curriculum vitae.

To order resume or curriculum vitae assistance, contact us at hszott@hawkeyeediting.com.

1. Use active verbs.
2. Utilize bullets to list your responsibilities and/or experience.
3. Remember that white space increases readability.
4. Spell and grammar check your resume.
5. Have a friend or collegue review your resume and cover letter before sending them.

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