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Flexibility. Breadth.  Experience.


Whatever your research needs, we can save you those valuable hours spent at the library, on the phone, in the car, or in front of the computer.

Our writers and editors have access to university libraries throughout the world. In addition, we frequent large independent bookstores, including the famous Tattered Cover bookstore. The folks at the Tattered Cover are happy to order any copyrighted text for us that is still in print.

Of course, we have access to several archive and research sites on the Internet as well!

So...if you're working on a disseration and are crunched for time, we can help. Or, maybe you need to know the latest medical update on a particular illness; we're there for you. Perhaps you simply need to analyze market trends, or the demographics of a certain something; we can do that too.

The point is this: research takes time -- often a great deal of time. You can be putting your time to better use, while we conduct research on virtually any topic for you.

$8.00/hour for Internet research
$10.00/hour for library research
$7.00/hour + long distance charges for telephone research

To order our research service, contact us at hszott@hawkeyeediting.com.

"Thank you for your thorough, descriptive, and concise edit/evaluation. It amazes me that it is all covered so well --so quickly. It takes me weeks to read a novel, let alone read and edit and evaluate (so much red ink!). My compliments to you. Your professionalism shows. And obviously you don't shy from hard work." -- Dave Meadows, author of the novel One Field Had Rain

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