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Manuscript Submission

Rate - $2,000.00 flat fee   (FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE!)

After your work is polished and professionally edited, we can perform the time-consuming task of submitting your manuscript to publishers, magazines, journals, or agents. The Submission Service includes all of the following:

  • A professional query letter
  • A concise synopsis
  • A detailed chapter-by-chapter outline
  • A marketing information sheet (based on our research of similar published works)
  • A final edit of sample chapter(s)/section(s) to submit with your query packet
  • A brief author's bio (based on the information you provide us)
  • A listing of research results on the most suitable publishers/agents to submit to
  • A submission log (that is updated and sent to you periodically)
  • A copy of all publisher/agent responses we receive
  • All printing costs (for submission packet materials)
  • All photocopy costs (for submission packet materials)
  • All packaging materials (such as envelopes, copy paper, labels, etc.)
  • All labor costs
  • All postage costs to submit your packets to publishers/agents

Once we compose the packet materials, we send them to you to approve. We handle all correspondence with the publishers. In short, we serve as your agent in almost every aspect except contract negotiation.

Submitting your work to publishers can be a tedious and costly process. Even though we cannot guarantee that we will find a publisher for your work, we can save you the cost of paying an agent 10% to 20% in royalties if your work is accepted for publication.

Many people ask us how many agents and publishers we submit to for this set fee. The question is a hard one to answer. It depends on the results of our research. If the genre is an unusual one, or one that is currently in less demand, there will be fewer houses to submit to (perhaps 50 to 75). If your manuscript is mainstream or contemporary fiction, we can find many more houses and agents to submit to (usually 125 to 175). Therefore, we estimate that the average mailing is about 120 packets.

Estimated Timelines

It typically takes about three months to complete the submission service from the time we receive your manuscript and biographical information to the time we send out the packets. After the packets are mailed, it takes most publishing houses 6 to 12 weeks to respond; however, some take up to 6 months to respond.

To order our submission service, contact us at hszott@hawkeyeediting.com.

"I respect your honesty in editing. Sometimes it hurts, or makes me angry at myself--but on a professional level, where it counts, [it] challenges me to do better. AND IT IS EXTREMELY EDUCATIONAL!" -- Shelby Jones, author of the novels Anatomy of an American Corporation, Chastity, and Spango

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