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Instructional eBooklets

A Crash Course in Proper Punctuation: Writer's Most Common Errors
(40 pages)

Punctuation was created to avoid confusion. When it is not used correctly, sentences are difficult to read. This takes the reader's focus away from the content of the text.

Make sure your writing is easy for publishers to read. Learn where to put those commas, semi-colons, colons, and more. Take this easy, step-by-step crash course in proper punctuation today!

How Ghostwriting Works
(30 pages)

Ghostwriting is a mystery to most people. This booklet unveils many of the secrets of this process. It discusses the role the ghostwriter plays, what is expected from the "author," whose name goes on the copyright, the going rates ghostwriters charge, and more.

If you're thinking of hiring a ghostwriter, this text is a must!

Literary Agents: Are They Worth It?
(25 pages)

You've written a book. Now what? Should you hire a literary agent or query publishers yourself? How much do agents charge? How do you find a reputable one? Will they really work hard to sell your manuscript to a publisher? Can they refuse your manuscript?

This informative booklet addresses these questions and others related to literary agencies. If your book is ready to be published, this text guides you through the next steps. It also includes a list of reputable agents and their contact information.

Pros and Cons of Publishing Options
(30 pages)

Now that you've written a book, you must decide which publishing option is best for you--and which is best given the genre of your work.

This booklet helps you to sort out all of the pros and cons associated with the many ways to get published. It discusses self-publishing, co-publishing, Internet publishing, and traditional publishing, as well as the marketing options of each.

Query Letter Magic: What to Include and What Not to Include
(30 pages)

Before you send your manuscript to publishers, you'll need to query them first. A query letter is basically just a cover letter--but one that must catch the publisher's attention. It must stand out from the hundreds of queries he or she receives each day.

This booklet contains example query letters that illustrate the points to include, the tone to use, and the format to choose. It also lists, explains, and gives examples of the other materials you'll need to send with your query letter. If you have the time to submit your work yourself, or if you don't have the cash to hire someone knowledgeable to do it for you-- then this text will be a valuable resource!

So You Want to Be a Writer? (NEW!)
(40 pages)

Many people dream of being an author--but that's all they do: dream. If you believe you have what it takes to be a columnist, poet, or even a best-selling author--then this booklet can help make it happen.

This guide is filled with helpful tips, ways to break into the business, and exercises to assess your abilities. It also includes sections on self-employment, tax credits, freelance work, and where to submit your work once it's written. Stop dreaming, start writing, and get published in 2004!

$19.95 each (tax included)

To order an eBooklet, contact us at hszott@hawkeyeediting.com.

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