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Client Testimonials

"More important than the professionalism and creativity of their writing and editing, both of which were of the highest level, was their personal investment in the message I was trying to deliver. That made all the difference." -- Barbara Harris, author of the ebook, Survive Your Cancer

My Little Friend Due"Thank you very much for the great editing work on my book! I couldn't be more pleased. You were easy to do business with, fast, nice, professional and provided a great value. It is always obvious to me when I am working with a professional, no matter what their area of expertise may be. You are truly a professional editor, and I am going to definitely continue to work with you [in] the future. Of all the money I have spent on developing and producing my book, your service, without question was the best "value." I feel much more confident going-to-press for the hardcover version, now that you've edited the story. Thanks again for a great job!" -- Mac Sullivan, author of the children's book My Little Friend Due

"Thank you for your thorough, descriptive, and concise edit/evaluation. It amazes me that it is all covered so well --so quickly. It takes me weeks to read a novel, let alone read and edit and evaluate (so much red ink!). My compliments to you. Your professionalism shows. And obviously you don't shy from hard work." -- Dave Meadows, author of the novel One Field Had Rain

After the Gold Rush"Best thing I ever did was to hire a professional editor!" -- Carlos Leyva, author of the non-fiction text After the Gold Rush

"Thanks once again for another great editing job." -- Mary Freelin, author of the short story for young readers titled "Queen of Hearts"

"Damn girl, you are fast! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your extra effort in going through the entire manuscript again." -- J. Sheldon Day, author of the novel The Phoenix Principle

Chastity"I respect your honesty in editing. Sometimes it hurts, or makes me angry at myself--but on a professional level, where it counts, [it] challenges me to do better. AND IT IS EXTREMELY EDUCATIONAL!" -- Shelby Jones, author of the novels Anatomy of an American Corporation, Chastity, and Spango

"I want to thank you very much [for] the eval. and let you know I never expected it to be so comprehensive and professional...I think that your editing service is excellent and the prices are very reasonable...THANK YOU for your time and the top-notch job you did for me." -- Wayne Thoden, author of the collection of short stories for young readers titled Fright Time Stories

"Wow!!! What a beautiful piece of work. Your talents are beyond description. You[r] ability to organize, delete, reformat, and fill-in the areas that needed it is amazing. I wish I could have been there the whole [time] to see how you were able to perform the magic...You worked wonders! I LOVE IT!!!" -- Glen Nicholson, author of the non-fiction text titled Success Coming Your Way: Your Guide to Study Skills, Motivation, and Good Health

Raising the Next Generation"I am thoroughly pleased with the service that I received from...Online Freelance Editor. The work was well done and timely." -- Chuck Clifton, author of Raising the Next Generation, a collection of heartwarming, humorous and inspirational anecdotes

"[Your] initial analysis regarding the strengths and weaknesses of [my] manuscript convinced me of [your] unique insight and that I was working with professional editors.... Your insights regarding Spiritual Finance were right on the money." -- Sheldon Zeiger, author of the non-fiction text titled Spiritual Finance: A Guide to Financial Security Based on Spiritual Principles

To order any of our services, contact us at hszott@hawkeyeediting.com.

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